Robert Franz

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Robert with Natalie Helms
Robert with Natalie Helms,
a former student.
Education Concerts
Live orchestra concerts are essential for young people. It has been proven that studying music from an early age changes the way the brain develops. The 2008 recipient of the BPO/ECMEA Award for Excellence in Music Education, Maestro Franz has created programs that work in tandem with state standards to ensure that the orchestra is a vital partner in the education process. Under his leadership, the Louisville Orchestra won the 2001 Leonard Bernstein Award for Education Programming. While in Winston-Salem he led the innovative Bolton Project, which studied the effects of integrating music into the school curriculum. Results were astonishing, perhaps most exciting was the discovery that active listening skills developed by listening to classical music translated into the same skill set necessary to become a good reader. The possibilities are limitless.

Robert Franz and musicians of the Houston Symphony presenting for area educators at the Houston Arts Partners Conference at the Hobby Center.
Photo: Steve Wenig

“Robert Franz understands the state of music education in our schools and thrives with great success to build bridges to teachers and students. Through common ground needed today to support curriculum he is able to weave meaningful orchestral worksinto child centered concerts.”
—Roger Daily, Director of Education
Houston Symphony

Robert Franz' Education Program “Robert’s ideas about music education and education in general are marked by genius. One seldom finds an artist that is able to organize and execute his dreams. That ability truly sets Robert apart. The schools in Forsyth County are the beneficiaries of his outstanding talent.”
—Jane Pfefferkorn, Former Program Manager of the Arts
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

“I want to commend the Louisville orchestra on a concert that engaged our students in a trip across our country through the inspiration of music. The concert itself was brilliant. My kids loved answering questions posed to them by conductor Robert Franz. The greatest compliment was that the kids really got into appreciation of music by pointing out how melody, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, etc. work to bring the music and experiences of emotion and adventure to us.”
Yonette Beagle, 5th grade teacher
Watterson Elementary School
Jefferson County Public Schools (KY)

S A M P L E   P R O G R A M S
Opposites Attract (Grades K-2)
The goal of this program is to exercise young people’s minds in the art of comparing and contrasting. At this age, this process is new and being codified. This program promotes active listening skills while using basic concepts to compare and contrast.
MozartOverture to the Marriage of Figaro
SOFT/LOUD:  BrahmsSymphony No. 2
      IV Allegro con spirito (excerpt)
      IV Allegro con spirito (excerpt)
FAST/SLOW:  MozartSymphony No. 39
      II. Andante (excerpt)
      IV. Finale (excerpt)
HIGH/LOW:  Mendelssohn  Overture to Midsummer Night’s Dream (excerpt)
JanacekSuite for Strings (excerpt)
ALL TOGETHER:  MozartOverture to the Abduction from the Seraglio

Robert Franz' Education Program Creating Stories and Music (Grades 3-5)
This program focuses on the connection found between composing and writing. Students discover that through writing they are connected to the creative process that all artists share. This is made clear when you consider that composers and writers ask themselves many of the same questions and come to many of the same conclusions about character, setting and conflict/resolution. This program often involves collaborations with composers.
ElgarEnigma Variation No. XI
Ippolitov-Ivanov  Caucasian Sketches (In the Village)
GershwinAn American in Paris (excerpt)
RossiniOverture to William Tell
RossiniOverture to Barber of Seville

O T H E R   A V A I L A B L E   P R O G R A M S
Grades K-2
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Calculating Music

Grades 3-5
  • Musical Tour of America
  • Music in the Clouds
  • Reading and Music
       Grades 6-12
  • Art as a Reflection of Society
  • Music with a Conscience
  • Music and the Holocaust
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Effect of the Industrial Revolution
    on Art and Music
  • Jefferson Era

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Robert at the Cameron Symphony Explorer Concerts in Houston